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Poem's by Samantha....

YOU I want to see you I want to hear your voice I want to feel your touch I want to feel you I want you to touch me I want you to Hold me close. I want you to sooth me.

HELP Voices All around Screaming at me They want answers They want action But I sit mute Unable to speak Unable to move Help me Please

MASKS When you look at me What do you see? The dutiful daughter? The compassionate freind? The reliable co-worker? The hardworking student? I play the parts so well I should win an oscar. You fail to look beyond labels, To look behind the masks. There is more to me. More than the pockets Of life you put me in.

RESCUE Swirling waves,black and blue Drowning me in solitude And silence. A light breaks the darkness What does it want? Will it save me? Or only cause greater pain? I reach out,afraid to embrace it. But more afraid not to. A shattering symphony of voices Invades my soul Pushing out the silence Filling the void with sound. The light envelopes me Pushing me up and out of the darkness. The light soothes and calms My aching soul.

 Darkness swirling up
Threatening to swallow me
   Dragging me down
  To a pit of no return

The pain envelopes me
  Too much pain
  Unable to think
 Unable to breathe

 I claw at the walls
  I want to be free
 From the darkness
From the pain

THE HIDDEN ME You think you know me You only know half of me I keep the other me buried deep She cries out, wanting freedom I won't let you see her Her passions scare me The cries for freedom are drowned By your expectations I feel her grow week If she took over Would you still want me? The risk is too great I push her down once again Control is my solace In silent desperation I scream to be set free Your expectations bind me To places I don't want to be

FORBIDDON PASSION Heat, burning in the night Warm whispers On wet skin Fevered caresses Exploding desires Ecstasy

POETRY IN MOTION With disheveled darkness and confusion Tranquil glory is forgotten Except for the fortunate innocent Found amidst embittered despair Rustling wind comes with unnatural warnings Like a delicious message Of warm impending desire Whose flame sends soft thoughts Seared by love's silky breezes

MEDUSA With snake like hair streaked in pink and crystal liquid eyes you stare up from the cold concrete. You dare me to look back. Daring me to fall into you and find myself. My heart beats faster as I approach, knowing you're there. Waiting. Do I stop and journey into you fearful that I may never return again. Or do I walk quickly by, eyes straight ahead, afraid to look down for what I might find. Does falling into you mean finding you-or do I find the "other" me-that secret little dark spot just off to the left that I keep hidden from everyone, including my self. The self I'm only allowed to be in my dreams. Dark at night when no one else is here. If I open that secret self and let it see the bright blue skies and feel the heat of the August sun-do I lose control of it? Will it fight to exist out in the open day after day? Do I lose forever the me I am today at this moment in time or become the complete me I was meant to be?