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THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME by Eric R. Rada I go up to my moms room to wake her; but she's never there I walk past the computer room to say "good morning" to mom; but she never responds I go into the kitchen for breakfast waiting for mom to ask for coffee; but she never calls me I turn to kiss my mom and say "I love you"; but it's never her I call home for a ride and hope mom picks up the phone to tell me she's on her way; but she doesn't I wait for my mom to tell her how my day had gone; but she's never around I look for mom when I need her advice; but I can never find her I get into a scuffle with my brother and I expect mom to settle it; but she doesn't I watch TV and listen for mom to ask me to clean the kitchen; but she never asks I sit in the dining room waiting for mom to come home from BINGO; but she hasn't come home yet. I go to bed everyday believing I'll wake from this nightmare; but I wake everyday to the same emptiness as the day before.


by Eric Rada

Humans are creatures, that I don't understand; they use two legs, for walking on land. I've seen them in the water, and in the air; there's no place to hide, it's just not fair. They cover the globe, bringing famine and diseases; they've created Gods, like Allah and Jesus. Humans are screaming, that the end is here; saying it begins, in the millennium year. As these creatures expand their mind; they twist their souls in a bind. It's peace these humans really yearn; but yet they fight to no return. Humans will stand for a noble cause; although in the end you'll find many flaws. These creatures call themselves superior, but in retrospect, they are inferior


by Shilo (my daughter)

Is it a crush Or is it just a game? A game for two Lightining fast Now fading away Now only your touch I can still feel And now those gentle words I still hear will last forever. Only a simple memory but a long story. **************** Between the two of us -Shilo Is it a crush? Maybe so. Are we in Love? Don't know Am I the one? You tell me so Will we last forever? Hope so.

WILLIAM by Suzanne Bauer When I was little you were a giant. A bear of a man who could conquer anything. A shelter in the stormiest weather. A foundation for me to build upon. As I grew, you taught me simple things. How to tie my shoes. How to ride my bike. As I grew older still, you gave me more freedom to explore my world. Yet you comforted me when I ventured too far. Bandaged my knees and kissed my bruises. You taught me more important things. Who I was and where I was from. As more years went by, you watched as I grew still. Not only in size, but in spirit. You gave gentle guidance when needed, yet allowed me to make my own choices. You watched as I stepped further from your side and found I could stand on my own. Yet you stayed close to catch me should I fall. In those final years, you were my friend. We shared more than simple teachings. We shared moments of each other's company too precious for words. We shared dreams and stories. And now, you are still larger than life. Yet you are not the giant who lifted me onto you shoulders. You are not the instructor of bicycles and shoes. You are the sun that shines through my window each morning. You are the wind that dances around me and whispers in my ear. You are the birds that sing in the early evening hours. You are the rain that falls softly through the trees. You are always with me, no matter where you may go.

UNTITLED -Suzanne Bauer Darkness, my creator, lend me the strength to greet my love. Give courage to this weak soul, so I might walk among those unlike me. Bless this face with beauty so she will come to me without fear. Grant me charm with which to woo her, so that she will pull me into her willingly and reveal her secrets. Show me patience and wisdom, so she will believe me to be her's, when truly she is mine. Allow me to seduce her, then watch how others will bend to my will. And now I control her and all who pass into her domain. She is my brilliant teacher and my greatest triumph. All that I am I owe to her. Yet all that she is known for is my doing. Now watch as our children go forth into the world. Strong as their father, yet never leaving their mother's embrace. And now, sweet Darkness, let me rest. Leave me to the whims of my lover. As I lie down, I know she surrounds me, protecting me from all and keeping me at bay. Now I can see that I shall never leave the comfort of her arms. For like my children, I belong to the night.

Untitled ~Amy Wood Relationships complicate life, We scramble around in the dark, Trying to fulfill the inner yearning For a mate, a companion.. Knowing full well it's a mistake. Something about that hand to hold, That personal smell of someone new, Overwhelming infatuation rushing inside.. On the borderline of insanity. Anxiously waiting for the phone to ring, Afraid you'll miss a call going out to the mailbox, Remembering the last time fingers ran thru your hair.. Fingers that were not your own. Concentrating on anything becomes impossible, You lose yourself, your direction, Parts of who you are begin to fade... Into parts of someone else. Someone you find a better person, Though you're too blind to see the truth, Everything from their mouth is a lie... But what beautiful lies they are. Tiny distortions of the truth, That make the world seem much different. Much more clear, more wonderful... An imaginary happiness, if you will. Eventually your eyes are opened, To this unending string of misconceptions, Deceptions really... Construed to give you peace. Peace that's not there, You break away from this person, Pain fills your heart, mind, and soul.. But you've learned something worthwhile. People aren't to be trusted, Hearts aren't to be given fully, Minds should keep themselves, Not conform to another's way of thinking... Be your own person, Be who you are, alone, no hand to hold.. Life is confusing enough without adding this complication... Relationships complicate life..

A # 1 MOM By Shilo A number 1 mom is a Mom who is Bye your side no matter what. A number 1 Mom is trusting and loyal. A number 1 Mom is always there to be Counted on. A number 1 Mom will love you unconditionally. A number 1 Mom Is and always has A shoulder to cry on. A number 1 Mom comforts you when she has The worst day but never shows it. A number 1 Mom will do anything and everything For you. Mom you are all this and much more We all love you more than anything, Especially Me. Love you always Shilo Marie


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