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FREEDOM Blowing Wind Blue sky Mountians high Streams of water Rain and snow storms Flying eagles A walk to the sky to die
WIND Cool , breezy Blowing,loving, refreshing trees, leaves, dust, dirt storming,distroying Silence

I RUN TO BE FREE The wind in my hair, I run to be free Up the mountians, through the valleys Not stopping I run from all the hate and jealousy The cars, the planes, the people talking From all the progress I run to be free I run from the wars, polution coughing Running from the pace of society I run to the mountains I run not stopping For there in the mountains I can be me I can be wild and no one can stop me I no more must slave, Set free I can be I will run away from society To the mountains I have come to be me Here Only with the wind can I be free..

LOVE & PEACE Love Love is caring for each other No fighting, no killing Love is love for the earth, the ground we stand on Love is sacred and beautiful Love is forever Love is Clean Love is security and warmth Love is happiness Love is someone very, very special Love is beautiful Peace Peace is never fighting or arguing Peace is green grass and mountains A beautiful blue sky The dawn of morning, the dusk of night Peace is forever Peace is clean Peace is beautiful Peace is warm and secure Peace is being happy Peace is love and Love is Peace…

PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS Peace- A feeling of security No fear, only silence…Peace Love- Sacred and beautiful A feeling of warmth- Love Happiness- Joyful sounds, loving sounds Peaceful sounds, contentment Being happy- Happiness The sounds of life Love, Peace, happiness Love for happiness Peace for security Happiness for Love, for Peace All for life, to live With out these sounds Life Is nothing.

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